Monday, October 25, 2010


This morning I woke up, and much to my liking there was snow on the ground!!  The only depressing thing is I know its not going to last!  Its already turned into a muddy mess!!  Either way, I figured it was time to put away my bright cheery colored nail polish, and switch more to my rich darker winter colors!  I still plan on digging out the bright pink ones every now and then, but today just didn't seem like the right day.

I started out by using a base coat on my nails.  Next I rummaged around and found this amazing shade of purple!  I used MAYBELLINE EXPRESS FINISH Fast-Dry Nail Enamel in, Chocolate Grape.  It dries as more of a brownish color than the purple I thought it was going to be.  I liked the color, but I wasn't crazy crazy about it, so I decided to throw some sparkles on top!  It was a toss up between some gold sparkles or silver sparkles.  We all know that purple and gold goes well together, and if you didn't know that... you now do!  I figured I'd be a little more risky and step outside of my comfort zone to the silver sparkles. 

The first coat of sparkles and I knew it was a hit!  It reminded me of freshly fallen snow (if it's possible for nail polish to remind you of such a thing)  I used CHINA GLAZE Nail Laquer With Hardners in, Tinsel.  This is the first time I've actually used this polish since I bought it (8 months ago).  I'm actually really terrible for buying things and never using them!  It is something that I'm working on, and I'm making great progress with!  It also means I don't have half bottles of everything laying around (shampoo, nail polish remover, face wash, hairspray.... its even spread so far that I have a ton of clothing that are hanging in my closet with the tags still on them....)  So I guess my before New Years Resolution is to use up all the half bottles of things I have so that I can start the New Year out with brand new stuff!  I'm sure if I don't start changing I'll end up on that TV show "Hoarders"... and I really really don't want that! 

Well as you can all see I get a little off track sometimes, but hey, that's half the fun about blogging!  I would also like to mention my little rose that posed for so many pictures with my freshly painted nail polish!  They were a gift from my mom when she stopped by work one day!  They're getting to be on their last legs, so I figured I'd better get them in at least one picture!

I hope you all have a fantastic Monday, and that it continues to be wonderful throughout the rest of the week!  Don't forget to check out the blog Give-Aways on my sidebar!  There are some fantastic prizes!!


Laura Beth said...

Omg, this looks amazing! I love the way you photographed it too!

All Made Up said...

This looks gorgeous on! If I were you I'd have been happy with the brownish shade but it actually looks so much better with the sparkly top coat!

I'm the same when it comes to not finishing products so I'm doing my best to only buy stuff I actually need and finish off all the half-used items i already own :)