Saturday, October 30, 2010


I went shopping the other day and somehow wandered into the makeup isle... (I was in the grocery store none the less)  I found some really great stuff that I couldn't help but pick up!!  Normally I buy the same things over and over, because we all know... a known evil is better than an unknown evil.  This time I picked things that I normally never buy.

First I discovered the NYX Collection.  I have to admit, I'd never used any of their products, but I loved the packaging, so I was sold!

 I grabbed some DOLL EYE Mascara (Waterproof) in Black.  I really liked the way that it made my lashes all feathery looking, the only thing I didn't like was that after curling my eyelashes it made them go back to the way they were before.  The only mascara that I've found that doesn't do this is Covergirl Lashblast (the orange on, in waterproof)  I probably won't be purchasing this mascara again, but I'm going to enjoy using it while I have it!

Purple/Deep Purple/ Prune

I loved their selection of eye shadows!  I had no idea where to even start!  I figured pinks and purples, and some brown and gold tones were always flattering, so that's what I picked up. I got the Eyeshadow combo thing in TS06, which is Purple/Deep Purple/Prune, and another one in TS02A, which is called Honey Comb.  I have only tried the one eyeshadow palette so far, and I have to say I loved it!  I'm about to hit the shower after this post, and after the shower I plan on applying the other one. (Future posts will go into greater detail)

Honey Comb

Next I randomly grabbed some Eyeliner. I got the FELT TIP LINER in Dark brown, and OMG, I love this!  I've never been so in love with an eyeliner before!  All I know is that I'm going to snatch this up in every single color!  Basically its like drawing on your eyes with a medium tipped marker.  It goes on like a liquid liner with the ease of a liner pencil.  It dries fast, and doesn't smudge, so if you are looking for a fantastic liner, this is it!  They really hit the mark with this product!

10 seconds, 5 seconds, Instantly

I did a test with the eyeliner to see how great it worked.  The first line I let dry for 10 seconds before I rubbed it, the second for 5 seconds, and the smudged on I rubbed as soon as I applied it!  It has great lasting power if you ask me, and at least I know it isn't going to be smudged all over my face if I decided to rub my eyes 10 minutes after I apply it!

I figured Id get some stuff from Revlon.  I can't say I've ever been a huge fan of theirs (not that I've given them a chance)  But it always reminded me of an old lady!  I bought some PhotoReady Makeup in 003 Shell.  Not thrilled.  I think it might have something to do with the fact that I'm actually a few shades darker than this color!  I'm going to try mixing it with some darker foundation today and see if that helps, but its not the right color for me, so I was a little disappointed.

Continuing on with Revlon I got the ColorStay  Mineral Finishing Powder in 030 Sunkiss.  I really like this!  I find that it sets my makeup and it adds a nice little glow to my skin!  I would recommend this overall!  I'm looking forward to using it again!

While I was browsing I hit the lipgloss section.  A girl always needs a good gloss!  I picked up BONNEBELL lipLITES in Vanilla Swirl... Yum!  This stuff not only goes on great, it smells and tastes great as well!  I also grabbed some MAYBELLINE Shine Sensational Lip Gloss in Freshly Sliced.  Not as wild about this one as the other one, but its a great on the go lip gloss!

Last but not least I hit the lipstick.  Normally I just wear lip gloss, but I figured seeing as how I'm going to be 27 in a couple weeks, it was about time I actually bought a tube of lipstick!  I had seen someone do a post on Nude lipstick the other day (I can't remember who the heck it was)  and I was in love!  I searched every lipstick brand to find the color I was looking for, and finally I found a color called Soft Nude in the Revlon section.  I love the way this feels on, and its just a great neutral color!  I can't wait to do some smokey eyes, and then use this with it!  I think its going to look stunning!

All in all the Eyeliner was the highlight of this trip!  I will be heading back to the "Grocery Store" to fill my cart with this stuff, in case they decided to discontinue it, like they always seem to do with my favorite things!

Hope you all have a happy and safe weekend.  Happy Halloween!



hi nice too rly wanna try sum nyx prods..

Natasha said...

That eyeliner does sound amazing!!
As for the Revelon stuff..I bought their Color Stay consealer stuff...and I'm in love with it!! It stays on all day...and covers everything up perfectly...I think the key is definitely to get the right shade..haha..I think out of all the grocery store brands Revelon is the highest quality (also the most expensive it seems..haha)

Sara.H said...

WOW. that's a great haul :) good choice.

WillWorkForMakeup said...

You're so lucky! I've never found any NYX at my grocery store before.I have one of the Bonne Bell Lip Lites and it smells sooo good!

minnja said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!


Bailey said...

Ooh good haul!
I haven't tried anything by NYX yet (no stores here carry it) I may have to order some online :D

All Made Up said...

These look fantastic! love the eye shadows you've chosen and the mascara sounds great (I never bother with curling my lashes so I'd be able to avoid that little problem!)

I cant believe you can pick up such awesome stuff from your grocery store! we dont have NYX in the UK so I only have one item at the moment, which is a watermelon flavoured lip gloss - ordered it online :)