Monday, October 4, 2010


Today's post is going to be a little different!  I haven't got the least bit ready (so please excuse the horrendous eyebrows, and makeup less face).  Well I finally showered, so I guess I'm halfway there.  But the post is actually on some arts and crafts I did.  Actually, I made my very first shirt, and I'm sooo proud of myself.  Just for the record, the black tank top I'm wearing underneath doesn't belong there... I just couldn't wait to actually take pictures of it, so that's what happened... On another note... I drafted the pattern myself and then altered it so that the shirt actually fit me like it was supposed to.  This is pretty good, seeing as how the only thing I really know how to sew is beach bags (and they're probably the most simple thing ever!). 

Anyways.  I had bought a jumbo bag of fabric from the fabric store, having no idea what the heck I was going to do with any of it and figured it would just come to me.  Yesterday I just made a plain black skirt that I can wear when I go on my SINGLE LADIES VACATION in November (to Cuba).  Which is kind of off topic, but I thought I'd share it anyways....  Now I wanted a shirt that I could wear with a pair of dress shorts that I have (they are brown, and yes, I made them as well) and I
 just didn't know what to do.  I found this fabric and I loved it.  Its so soft and light, and I thought it would be the perfect material for a tropical destination. 

I started out by taping newspaper together so I could start drafting the pattern.  I did all of my measurements, and charted them on the paper, and then cut out everything.  I got the shirt all sewed together only to realize that the bust line was a good 3 inches below where it was supposed to be, and it was saggy in the armpits, which means my boobs were trying to escape out the side!  So, either I lost a ton of weight from cutting out the pattern, or I just can't measure.... I'm guessing its most likely the second of the two.  So I stood in front of the mirror and tried pinning it... now this is the tricky part.  I don't stand still long enough to pin and remove the garment, so instead I had pins shooting out every which way, (thank goodness the carpet is white, and I have colored heads on the pins because it could have been a disaster).  Obviously my pinning technique needs some work, perhaps my favorite SIL can help me with that! (oh, and good luck on your move Tash & Brody)  It just so happens that they are moving about 12 hours away from where they were currently living... which puts them a whopping 2 hours away from me now!!  YAY!!

While I'm at it, I'm going to post a couple pictures of the beach bags I made!  I'm giving one to each of the girls that come on our trip, as well as some of the lotion I made, and some body scrub and I'm super excited!  Besides, who doesn't like to start out a Vacay with presents?  The pictures don't actually do the bags any justice, they look way better in person, and a lot bigger,  but you get the idea!
Anyways, I should probably run, because my mind has a ton of ideas right now, and I'm going to get them all sketched out so that I can keep on sewing!  I hope you all have a wonderful Monday, which leads to a marvelous rest of the week!


20 York Street said...

Horrendous make-up-less face? May I please inform you that you have a gorgeous face?

And yes please, tell your Sis-in-law about it!


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Natasha said...

well I like it so far!! I always love that style of top...I just wish I could see the whole thing!!
Your beach bags turned out great as well!

Brianna said...

Corrine, so awesome! Your shirt looks great, from the sounds of the creative process Tash is definitely rubbing off on you!

You bags also look great, and a ladies vacation? Very cool!

All Made Up said...

The top is fantastic and really suits you! I never do anything "artsy" these days so this is quite inspiring! :)

sara (bringasmilesara) said...

You are so talented!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the shirt! You shoudl post some pics of it with the miraculously wonderful short syou made. Can't wait to see you model it! xoxo