Saturday, October 2, 2010


So the other day I had a comment (after one of my posts I did on my nails) asking what kind of nail pens I used for nail art Great question by the way!  There are a ton of different ones out there, but the ones I was using were ENAMEL ART 1000.  I was given them as a gift, but I'm pretty sure that my cousin got them off of eBay or from the local dollar store.  One of the two.  Anyways...  The reason I love these so much is because you have a couple different options with them.  Most nail art pens just have a tip that you can draw with.  These ones have a needle like tip on the end, and on the inside, if you unscrew the top, you also have a thin brush to paint with.  So depending on the look your going for, you have a couple options.

I have these in a few different colors.  They have no names, so I'm just going to explain what they may be.
1) Forrest Green (which is obviously a dark green)
2) Candy Apple Red
3) Gold Sparkles
4) Silver Sparkles
5) Bright Pink
6) Lilac
7) Bright Purple
8) Emerald Green
9) Traffic Cone Orange (which I have yet to use...)
10) Pearly White (I have two of these ones, and I use them tons!)

 Now the brush I don't really like to use because I find it a bit bulky.  I think it would be great for painting french tips though.  If I was going to use it for designs the only thing that I would like changed is a thinner brush.  Other than that, I have no complaints about the polish.  It seems to have incredible lasting power (usually more than the overall coat of nail polish I use), which is rather strange!   Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, but I think this company should make some nail polish (and who knows... they probably do, I just haven't looked into it further), because I'd be all over it!
 Now you can see how small the needle tip is for the other portion.  I think this is fantastic because it allows for more precision.  The one thing I love about these nail pens is the bases.  When you need to put it down it actually stands upright, that means when you lay it down, you don't get polish everywhere!  The only thing I've noticed about the needle tipped pen is that it's kind of hard to squeeze while your trying to draw.  If you squeeze to hard you get too much polish out, and if you don't squeeze hard enough you don't get enough.  But if those are my only complaints, then I think I'm doing pretty well.  Overall I'd recommend these to anyone looking to spice up their nails!  I have no idea where to find these, but I'm sure some googling would be helpful, and there are a ton of affordable nail pens on eBay (which is my favorite place to shop)! I hope this was helpful and I'd love to see some of your nail art!  Its always nice to get some fresh ideas, because lately the creativity juices are running on empty!


Sara.H said...

Love the whole collection you have :) Pretty handy nail pens I must say

20 York Street said...

oh I love nail art and this collection looks fabulous! Love your blog btw!