Friday, November 19, 2010

What do we really want?

Today I decided that YES, I am starting my own business!  As most of you know I've been recently obsessed with skincare and natural products!  I haven't turned tree hugger on you, just in case you were worried!  I just think that there is so much "Garbage" in all of the products you find on your department store shelves that it's time to change thing!  I've become an obsessive label reader lately and am appalled at some of the ingredients that are in lotions and skin care products! For Example:

DISODIUM EDTA: Claimed to cause toxicity in mammals (I'm pretty sure last time I checked I was a mammal!!).  In processed foods it can become volatile when mixed with Vitamin C and baking soda.  It forms benzenes (which are potent carcinogens) Funny thing is, is that Vitamin C or sodium ascorbyl phosphate (as it is listed on the packaging) is the ingredient right about it!   Nothing like feeling safe hey!  This chemical is quickly becoming an environmental pollutant due to its large quantity usage in industrial applications, medical applications, and manufacturing.

CETEARETH-20: Classified as a penetration enhancer.  This means that it alters the skin structure allowing chemicals to penetrate deeper into the skin.  This just so happens to increase the amount of toxins that reach the blood stream.  It has been shown to be potentially contaminated with impurities linked to cancer and other significant health concerns... Bah I swear I get angrier with the more research I do!

I'm not going to keep going and bore the heck out of all of you, but I really think you should all do some research on what is in your lotions!  All I know is this bottle of "store bought" lotion is heading straight for the trash as soon as I finish typing this post!!

I know we all live in a world where we're all trying to get a good deal!  I'm guilty of it!  I used to buy the cheapest lotions because that was all I could afford.  After a ton of reading and research I realize that my health isn't worth it!  How is it that I can make a lotion using 9 ingredients, that in my opinion works just as well, if not better, than a product you get from the store that contains 31 ingredients?  It doesn't make sense to me!  Either way, I'm thinking natural is the way to go!

What I'd like to know from you guys is:
1) have you tried natural products? 
2)What kinds of natural products would you be interested in? 
3)What type of skin do you have, and do you have any issues with it? 

The more I can learn from you wonderful ladies and gents, the better my products are going to be! 

Disclaimer:  All products are not tested on animals.  I test them on myself (and sometimes I supposed I can be considered a little bit of an animal).  But I'm willing to test the products on myself because that's how safe I feel.  It also helps that I'm not using a ton of chemicals!


Natasha said...

I love that you are doing this!
I have tried some natural problem with products is I don't give them enough time to see if they work (impatience).
I would be interested in ALL kinds...Face, and Body.
I'd say my skin is pretty the winter it tends to get dry. I need something for my face that keeps in the moisture, but isn't too heavy, because I don't want breakouts...and I like things that fight the signs of aging (yes I'm obsessed).

sara said...

I do too! Love that you are doing this :0)

I have tried natural products my adult life due to sever psoriasis I have, especially on my eyelids, and nape of neck. I HAVE to use natural soap and lotions. I rarely use face prodcuts (other than eucerine for my eyelids) because everything else makes me feel smothered or that my skin can't breathe.

That said, I would love to see body wash, face wash and lotion - for sensitive skin :0)

xoxo Elizabeth Toledano de Gomez said...

I am honestly really happy for you. And Im excited to see what products you develop. You are right about all the garbage in stores now. I read all those ingredients and Im just appalled at all the bad stuff we put on ourselves. THings that had temporary fixes but that cause long term damage to our skin and hair. So excited:) YAY

nicoletta said...

congratulations hun & best of luck. I am really interested in natural products, particularly ones with aromatherapy oils, mainly facial products with natural fruit acids things like that. Have you considered natural products for toddlers? I am always looking for products which are for sensitive skins for kids.

sherri said...

Congrats on starting a business :)
I love trying natural products and I'm on the look out for ones specific for oily skin. For facial products they should be user friendly; not too much fragrance or none at all, but if it's scented it should be "OMG this smells so good' and not 'OMG this is so gross I'm going to throw up'. Also those good for sensitive skin.

Good Luck I'll be on the lookout for your stuff.