Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I recently (like two months ago) bought a copy of Cosmopolitan Magazine (UK edition) and it came with some samples in it.  The one I'm reviewing today is THE BODY SHOP'S- RAIN FOREST MOISTURE, Hair butter for dry hair. Now there is quit a long story to this review, but I feel that it needs to be told in order to get the full effect!   I, being the genius I am, forgot to take Shampoo with me on my 4 day excursion to camp.  Now for those of you don't know, camp is kind of like a hotel for workers that just happens to be in the middle of nowhere.  This particular one happened to be about 2 and half hour drive into the forest from the nearest town.  And the story goes something like this...

I left town at about 5:30 in the morning so that I could make it out to the Gas Plant, that I was going to be working at, by 8:00 AM, (that's 08:00 for you 24 hour people)  I spent an entire day sitting in my truck doing nothing.  Well not really nothing, I think I knitted a scarf and finally figured out how to work my ipod.  I ended up sitting in my truck until about 7:00 PM (19:00 for you 24 hour people...)

I got to camp and checked in!!  Now in order for you to get the idea, this camp was probably straight from the 70's and looked like it had never been renovated in the entire time it had been stuck out there in the middle of nowhere.  My light switch didn't exist, and after searching for it for about 5 mins I realized that I was the lucky person who got to pull a shoestring, tied to the roof, in order to make the lights turn on.  I wasn't much more impressed when I saw the room and realized that I had puke (or snot) green floors, and wood paneling walls that had holes all over in them!  I probably wouldn't have paid $5.00's to stay in this dive, but I didn't really have a choice, so I moved in. 

I was pretty ancy to get in the shower after sitting in a truck that long.  I started rummaging through my bag looking for clothes and face wash, and shampoo... SHAMPOO?!?!  Do you think I could find it? No!!! I didn't find any shampoo, I forgot that at the place I had stayed the night before.  I figured that a bar of soap would be better than nothing, so I packed up my stuff, wandered down the hallway to the bathroom and realized I had a choice between two showers.  They both looked like they had been sandblasted with rocks, were missing paint, and had grubby old shower curtains on them.  I picked the cleanest looking of the two and turned the water on.  I then proceeded to undress and place all of my things on the shelf in the shower.  I stuck my hand in to check and see if the water had reached its optimally warm temperature, and much to my dismay, it was ICE cold!  I fiddled with the controls for a little bit (8 minutes to be exact) and still nothing.  I prepared myself for the worst and jumped in. The only saving grace about this shower was that I had to run around chasing the streams of water to even get wet.  I lathered up that bar of soap like a madwoman, got it all in my hair, rinsed it out all the while knowing that my hair was going to feel like straw as soon as I was finished!  Applied some body wash as fast as a person shivering for their life possibly can.  Smeared some face wash on my face and stuffed my face under the water.  At this particular moment the water decided that its going to humor me and turn hot!  I tell ya, I dont' think I've ever squealed like I did or moved so fast to get out of the way in my entire life.  I managed to get the water situation under control and other than the fact that the water smelt like rotten eggs, it became rather enjoyable!  Needless to say, my hair did feel like straw after I washed it! 

The next day while I was sitting in my truck I remembered seeing some bottles, that people had actually left, in the shower.  I figured, if you were stupid enough to leave your shampoo in the shower I was going to take full advantage of it and use a little teeny tiny bit of it!  So, again, after work, I wander down the hallway to the bathroom, turned the water on, went and brushed my teeth (with bottled water) and then went and put my stuff in the shower, got undressed, and waited for the water to warm up (I learn fast!!)  So I jump in to my warm shower, wet my hair, reach my hand out to grab a bottle and just as I'm about to squeeze the bottle I read it.  VAGISIL!!  Like OMG... seriously did I almost just wash my hair with that?!?!  Needless to say, I ended up realizing that none of the bottles that were left in the shower were actually shampoo... body wash and Vagisil...  I ended up washing my hair with soap again, and managed (somehow) to live with some fantastically crispy hair the next day as well!

I think a trim is the only thing that will fix my split ends

Anyways, on to my magazine.  The 3rd day I'm out there I start reading my Cosmopolitan Magazine and as I flip through I discover that they had included samples of shampoo, conditioner, and a hair mask in the magazine!!  I was rather excited until I realized that the Beauty Gods upstairs were laughing at me... Turns out my excitement was very short lived!  Regardless, I used the shampoo and conditioner, and my hair was very very thankful! 

 I used the Hair Mask, because I needed some serious deep conditioning after the soap incident.  I found it left my hair feeling a little big greasy after I had immediately washed it out, but by the end of the day my hair was fairly soft still!  It didn't get tangled or messed up at all.  I have no idea how I feel about this product, but I'm thinking its not something that I'm crazy crazy about.  I don't think I would actually go out and purchase myself.  It was great in a pinch, but I've used better products before.

Lessons Learned: Shampoo and Conditioner are on my checklist (at the top) when I'm packing to go anywhere now!


Anonymous said...

Wow, those were some crazy days! Hope you are having a great holiday, sounds like you were over due!

Natasha said...

haha...I may have peed a little reading this!!
You've got some mad story telling skills!