Friday, November 5, 2010


I did a haul post not long ago about the NYX products I had picked up at the grocery store.  I I was using the Purple/Deep Purple/Prune Eye shadows today.  After putting them on I didn't really notice a huge difference between the color.  It was a little brighter than what I'd normally wear, but I think if I mix these colors with some contrasting colors I could have a pretty good look going on! 

 I started out by sweeping the Pink color (Prune) all over my eyelid.  Next I swept the Purple over the outer eye, and lastly I applied the Deep Purple to my creases.  It pretty much blended together to form a new color, so I don't know... maybe I got a little heavy handed and screwed it up myself, but those are the breaks!  I'd love to know what you'd think! 

Yes, I do realize that my faces are absolutely ridiculous! But I have great reason to have happy silly faces!  it has something to do with the fact that I'm going to be headed out on Vacation in a couple more days...  Tomorrow to be exact!  The count down has been on for just over a month, and the more I wait, the more excited I get about it!  I think that this eyeshadow could be a good look for me down in a tropical place!  The reasoning is, is everything south of the border is a little bit outlandish (no offense to anyone south of the border!!)! 

For Example:  Have you ever been to Mexico and found the most AMAZING decoration?  You obsess over it and think, about how this decoration would look SO amazing in the house, only to find out that when you actually bring it home its tackier than all get-out?  Maybe its just me that does things like that, but I find that things you find in tropical destinations look like they belong there and fit the theme of the country that they are found in.  As soon as you relocate it up to the frigid north (where I'm normally located) it looks ridiculous!  Chili Pepper decor when its -40 Degrees Celsius just doesn't go!  But in all seriousness... look at what people wear.  You'd get made fun of for wearing a hawaiian shirt and neon shorts up north, down south you just fit in!  So I'm going to take my pretty purple eyeshadow and put it on to my hearts content, then try to blend in like a local (minus my pasty white skin...)  You never know!  I could even miraculously learn to speak spanish fluently while I'm down there!  Actually the only phrase I plan on saying is... "Mucho cervasa por favor!!" (Yes, I realize I probably butchered the spelling, but perhaps I will find me a hot little senor to help me with my spanish!!)

Anyways, now that I've ranted about decor, made fun of another countrys style, and most likely butchered a language I hardly know nothing about... I think I should take off and actually get some packing done before my big excursion!  Actually I probably already have it done, because I cheated and made this a scheduled post!  Figured I'd better, because I don't want all of you beauties forgetting about this pretty face while I'm away, and my week has been so busy that I knew I wouldn't be having time to sit down and actually write this up!

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Natasha said...

hehe...this post made me giggle!...I still think there's better ways to "fit in" than wearing hawaiian prints...and horrible things like that...