Sunday, November 28, 2010


Today was another blue-ish kinda day for me!  I can't believe how much I'm loving blue eyeshadow!  I paired it with a green and  I am IN LOVE!  Normally when I use blue or green shadows I try and keep it pretty basic in order to avoid the whole "clown like" appearance.  I figured what the heck... today I'm going to go all out!  I keep seeing all of these other makeup blogs where I'm in love with their shadows, but I was tired of thinking that I would look ridiculous on me if I tried doing something like that.  Was I ever wrong!  This has to be one of my favorite looks of all time!!That's right... move over brown eyeshadow, there is a new cowboy in town!

I was amazed at the feedback I got from the guys I work with!  One of them made me close my eyes so that he could see what I did, and then suggested that we do a make-over on him!  Now I think I almost died laughing listening to him going on about how he really wanted some days off and that he figured wearing make-up around an oil rig was a great way to make sure he got to go home!  We will have to see, this could be a rather amusing post, and I'm game for it!

The other great thing about this is today is Grey Cup Sunday!  Not that I'm a huge football fan, but the Saskatchewan Roughriders are in it, and seeing as how I'm technically a Saskatchewan resident I should support the home team!  So RIDER PRIDE, here we are!  The green in my makeup kinda fits in with the whole theme!  Now I don't know how many of you are football fans, but everyone in Canada knows that ROUGHRIDER FANS are like none other!  I figured I'd put some great pictures up for ya, because I'm always entertained by the amount of grown men in face paint, spandex, capes, and watermelon helmets!  I figure I'm on the more mellow side of the "Rider Pride" painted look!  What do you think? 

These boys take "MAKEUP" to a whole new level!

I love how excited this guy is!!

Some men have no shame when it comes to their sports teams!!
The best part about going to football games in Saskatchewan are the fans!  Everyone... and I mean EVERYONE, dresses up!  I'm pretty sure there about half of the residents left in the province, because they've all traveled over to Edmonton, Alberta for this game!  If you're ever in the beautiful city of Regina (Saskatchewan) Make sure you check out a game!  You will not go away disappointed!  Mind you... you might have trouble getting tickets, because they are pretty much sold out every game!  If you do plan on going, it would pay off to plan ahead!  Anyways... GO ROUGHRIDERS!!


Sara.H said...

WOW. this is a very pretty look and you look gorgeous :) I enjoyed the post a lot ^ ^ thanks for sharing

Natasha said...

Wow your eyes look sooo coool...I can't beleive you used to bug me for my love of flourecent green!

la mì said...

you are beautiful!
wonderful blog!
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