Monday, November 22, 2010


A few posts ago I had posted about a haul of all these new fantastic NYX products i had purchased.  Well... on my way back to work, I have to admit, I stopped and picked up some more!  I can't get enough of this stuff!  I added another eyeshadow pallet, some more eyeliner, and now my friends, I've become obsessed with their lipstick!

I've always loved the red lips look, but I never have anywhere to wear it!  I finally decided that oil rig or not, I was glamming it up!  I walked out into my office after getting ready, and the first thing the site supervisor said to me was "You look like an old hooker!!"  Well... that definitely wasn't the look I was going for!  I'm also chalking that up to the fact that he's a 70 year old hillbilly who wouldn't know fashion or style if it slapped him in the face!

Regardless of the "hooker" comment, I felt very confident in this!  I can't wait for a night out to actually copy this look!  I think it would be a great date face!  I'm going to have to do some research and see what guys really want!  Because after reading my sister-in-laws blog, and listening to her husband (my brother... obviously) complaining about how she looks like a "psycho housewife" instead of the stylish woman she is, I really have no idea what men really want! 

It was so freaking cold outside that I busted out one of the Pashmina scarfs (love these things) I ended up playing around and trying to take some artsy pictures with it!  Mostly I just looked like some homeless person, but the one I thought turned out kinda cool!  Reminds me of a painting we saw in Cuba at the International Market!

Oh, and just for the record, the lip color I used was (obviously NYX) in 513 Electra.  For my eyeshadow, I have no idea!  A hodgepodge of Mac minerals with something something over top because I wasn't thrilled with the initial color, and then I highlighted with NYX Honeycomb pallet!

HAPPY MONDAY!!  I hope you all have a fantastic week!  Play safe and stay warm!


socialitedreams said...

you look beautiful, forget that old the red lip :D


Natasha said...

I'm thinking this lipstick would make a great stocking stuffer...hint hint*
I really want to get more creative with lipstick...but my problem is I give Vyla kisses a gazillion times a day, and if I wear lip stick it ends up all over her!
Also I highly recommend not dressing for men...otherwise you will end up looking like a hooker, or like you should be playing sports.

sara said...

BAH...crazy old look STUNNING and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the red!!!