Thursday, November 18, 2010


Today's makeup was inspired by the ocean.  You know that gorgeous blueish/greenish water that's so clear you can see your own feet when you've wandered out deep enough for it to be at neck level?  I love nothing more than frolicking in the ocean, so I'm frequently at that depth!!  I figured this eyeshadow would be a lot more in the Blue tones than in the green's at all, but I was pleasantly surprised!  The other surprise was the gold that I noticed in it!  I'm still not 100% sold on the blue eye shadows, but only because it makes me flash back to the 80's, and really, its not quite my style!

I obviously forgot to mention that I used some
nude lipstick!!  I think it was Revlon!

I started out by scrubbing my face with my homemade body scrub (VANILLA HAZELNUT to be exact) Which you can find in my VANILLA HAZELNUT BODY SCRUB Post (with Recipe).  I know you shouldn't use harsh scrubs on your face because the skin is more delicate, I just make sure that I don't rub it as hard as I would on the rest of my body!  It helps keep my skin nice and fresh and all glowy!  I don't know about you, but my skin gets extremely dry in the winter, and I have found the most amazing thing to keep my skin hydrated (actually I made it), but that is for another post! 

Next I applied my foundation like I normally do, brushed some mineral powder over my face to help with a more matte look, and then applied the shadow.  Normally I use a few colors to get the desired contrasts I need, but with this shadow all I needed was one color!  I used MAC Pigment in Deep Blue Green, for all of you out there that are curious.  I applied liner (which I made a mess of and had to re-apply a few times to get the right amount (or at least even) amounts on both sides.

 I dried my hair and twisted the front and VOILA, finished.  My entire look took me about 15 mins. to do (yes, that includes the many re-applications of eyeliner), hair is also included in that amount of time.  I'd say this is a simple look that you could do in any time crunch.  The great thing is, is that it looks like you spent way more time than that on it.

I hope you are all having a fantastic week, and that you are all staying warm!  I'm off to grab some tea before I turn into an ice cube!  Cheers!


Natasha said...

You look so pretty in that first picture...I feel the same way about blue's soo hard to get it right without looking 80's

xoxo Elizabeth Toledano de Gomez said...

Scrubs can be harsh on the skin but its good to do a good exfoliation at least one every two weeks. Get all the dead skin off and leave your face smooth like a babys bum... ha ha. And it's so important to moisturize immediately of course. I cant wait to see your post on what you put on your face....
Also I like blue on the eyes. Not as an evey day look but as something edgy for a special occasion.

Brianna said...

Fun color combination, love it!

nicoletta said...

You look gorgeous hun, green is def your colour xx