Friday, November 26, 2010

The Ultimate Engagement Ring Challenge!

I have posted this before, but Laura Beth from MAKEUP MY MIND really needs your help!  Her and her boyfriend have entered a contest to win a pretty fantastic engagement ring (22 carats)  For all you ladies out there, I know you know what this means!  It means that you NEED to vote!  I'm so happy that I could be a part of helping such a fantastic girl have her dreams of being engaged come true! 

Anyways, the other bonus to this is Laura Beth is having a challenge... a fantastic one at that!  She is giving away a makeup airbrush system and some product!  The value of this give away is over $300.00's!  So I mean really, this is worth it!  Make sure you go check out her and the boyfriend (he's way cute!)  (That means a shout-out to you Laura!  You did some good picking!!)  Plus he dresses up... I think he's such a good sport!  Vote for every challenge they've submitted!

Thanks dolls!  You are great!!


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