Saturday, November 6, 2010


Adios my fearless followers!  As you read this I will be a million miles up in the air on a plane bound for tropical beaches, exotic drinks, and hot shirtless men!  Or... I'm at least praying that the hot shirtless men out number the old, bald, fat men wearing speedos! 

I figured I'd be a bit of a ham and take some pictures of what my face probably looks like at the moment!!  I thought this was a rather ingenious idea!  I think I had more fun taking these pictures than I've ever had taking any other ones (in my whole entire life)!  The top left one is my happy face!  I don't know why people open their mouths when they're happy?!?  I just so happen to do it all the time!  Then again, I might be the only one, I just thought I'd include a bunch of others in this "Opened mouth excitement group" so I didn't feel so out of place!

  The below picture is a picture that probably would be taken if I was afraid of flying.  It just so happens that I'm not the least bit frightened (thank you to my father for taking me flying as a child) of being so high up in the air.  I also am usually the one praying for major turbulence because then its more like an amusement ride the entire way there, which means double the fun!!  In the case of major turbulence I hope that I'm sitting beside one of the hot (almost shirtless) men that I mentioned above!  I can always pretend that I'm scared, and tell him my last wish before I die is that he takes off his shirt and holds me close!  You never know, it could happen, and a girl really has to have dreams in life!  Mine just don't happen to be as ambitious as some peoples!  Anyways, before I embarrass my family and my unborn children I should probably quit before you all realize that I actually do need to be committed into some sort of "PUZZLE PALACE" aka, the loony bin, the funny farm, the crazy house..... I should also mention before I go, that I'm really, really, REALLY, excited to be on my way to somewhere with a nice sandy beach in the presence of such extraordinary company!  See you all in a week when I get back! 


BeautybyPaula said...

HAHA love your excited face.Have a fab time xx

Brianna said...

Your facial expressions are priceless.... Hope you have a fantastic trip!