Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tied up in Silver

I just want you all to know that I got made fun of at work, for the sake of showing you guys my makeup looks.  Everyone out here thinks that because I get ready and put makeup on I'm somehow on the prowl!  Apparently they don't find blogging to be a reason to do makeup.  Either that or they just don't actually believe I have a blog... actually scratch that... I think it is because they don't actually understand what a blog is. 

Regardless, I find that I actually feel better about myself when I get ready!  I think we are all like this in some ways!  I know for the last few years I've kept it pretty basic out here!    Apparently that is known as "letting yourself go".  If that is the case, I'm guilty!  I admit, I was in a rut!  I had had a couple bad years, very emotional, and it was much easier to just let myself cry and not worry about how terribly my makeup was going to run rather than worry about how badly it was smudging!  I've lived in yoga pants with a makeup free face for the past 2 years! After all, yoga pants are sooo comfy!  The only problem with this is.... they stretch!!  It just so happens that they stretched to accommodate all the cookies that managed to fastened them self to my ass!   Before I knew it it was time for days off and there was NO way that I could get my jeans on, which meant I spent a few years running around in yoga pants, telling myself that it was okay!  Bah!  So basically I've shlumped around looking like a slob, thinking that people would just like me for who I am.  I mean lets face it, I have a wicked personality (or at least I like to think so) but the way you present yourself says a lot about you.   People judge you based on your looks!  I know I'm guilty of it!

 I don't think that you should judge a person by there appearance, but then again, in someways I think you can!  Not in a mean haha look at you kinda way, but I think the way a person takes care of them self says a lot about them.  Do you really want to be friends with someone who doesn't take the time for them self?  Do you think that they're going to take the time for you when they can't even be bothered to take 5 Min's for them self?  Or what about a relationship?  Do you want someone who doesn't really care?  I feel that if you don't take the time to show people that you do care about yourself, that they might not get it and you could spend a long time being single or friendless (not that you want shallow friends or a shallow partner).  I might not make any sense, to you guys, I know it makes sense in my head... but putting what's floating around in this brain of mine on paper isn't always easy!

Well, now that I've gone on about what I think, I suppose its time to tell you about my look!  I thought I'd try a little smokey eye with some shimmer!  Every picture that I looked amazing in was blurry, which is SOOOO frustrating!  Regardless, I suppose the ones I have will do just fine!  I stared out by applying MAC Silver Ring on my entire eyelid.  I brushed on some MAC Black Tied into the crease, and then highlighted the brow bone with some NYX (YAY).  The NYX highlighting color was out of the Honeycomb pallet (the lightest color)  The rest of my face was the same as it usually is!  On my lips I just used some MAYBELLINE Shinesational lip gloss in Berry Bella.

I was fairly happy with the way it turned out!  It would obviously be a good look for a special occasion, or a night out on the town with the girls, rather than an afternoon on a Drilling rig with "the boys"....  But I think the more they see me get ready, the more that they are going to accept that this is who I am!

What do you guys think about the whole getting ready/not getting ready thing?  I'd love to hear somebody Else's views on the subject!

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Brianna said...

Oh you look so great! You can come do my make up anytime....

As for all those other people, you just shouldn't care, people are afraid of what they do not understand!

Natasha said...

I always feel way better when I get ready...the days that I get dressed early I feel sooo much better all day. I think that when you put some effort into your look you then feel good about yourself...and when you feel good about yourself I think it makes a person as a result a person ends up being more positive to be around...It's basically a chain reaction...I quite often watch What Not To Wear...and the people that get nominated are often thinking that people should just accept them how they are and blah blah blah...but by the end of the show they're sooo happy that they're finally taking care of themself because they see how positively it affects their life, and their outlook and output..(not put out..haha..but maybe that too!)...I's hard to explain...but I think you're fabulous!

xoxo Elizabeth Toledano de Gomez said...

First, I like your makeup look. Shimmery and smokey:) Nice. Next, I get you. We can all fall into that rut sometimes. Im guilty myself. I own my own share of yoga pants, and lets just say I wasn't doing any yoga when I was wearing them. But its good to have those moments because when you finally get out of that rut you feel incredible. When you can pull yourself up and start caring again, you feel like you can take over the world. Im glad you are feeing better doll. And who cares if no one at your job doesn't "get" a blog, all that matters is that all your followers "get" your blog. Listen, I am in the Army so I dont even mention I have a blog. Im like two different people all in ONE. haha. I keep my blog a secret...haha. They wouldnt "get it either... And they would judge me. So I just keep that to myself because people in the military can be ruthless sometimes. N-E way. Have a good week doll:)


u jus look so amazing in watever u do..

Pink Thoughts said...

Love that silver!