Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tumeric & Honey Surprise!!

Good morning fans (AKA.. Natasha)

Today's trial was a Tumeric and honey face mask! It would look much better if I actually smeared it on my face evenly! But I'm obviously not a paid professional, so its just going to have to do!

Now, I've been reading about all the wonderful uses for Tumeric. Its supposed to help prevent cancer, treat acne, eczema and prevents dry skin, can even out your skin tone and color, and my personal favorite... Reduces hair growth! So I figured that this was going to be a fantastic face mask! Plus we all know that honey makes your skin nice and soft!

The texture of this mask was wonderful, it looked like shimmery gold!(and I'm a big fan of anything shiny!) It was kind of sticky to apply, and the tumeric made it feel like I was getting an exfoliation while I was applying it as well, so I was uber excited! I left this mask on for 18 minutes while I wandered around my room making my bed, cleaning the sink, folding laundry etc... It didn't crack or come off and it just felt wonderful.

When the time came to take it off I figured I would jump in the shower (because one needs to do that once in awhile) and rinse it off. While in there I used my body scrub (posted below) and did the normal showery things... I started drying off my face and noticed that the towel was covered in yellow! Now you can imagine the thoughts going through my head! OMG... I'd better not look like Big Bird! So I quickly toweled off, and ran to the mirror. I was HORRIFIED! I looked like I had a yellow goatee! (not only that, it had ran down my entire neck) I just had to snap a picture for you!

Hopefully by now you've composed yourself, and are finished laughing...!! My fix was some Aveno Skin Brightening Daily Scrub and I quickly applied it to my face and gave it a good scrub and I'm proud to say, I no longer looked like big bird!

Now as ridiculous as this sounds, I'll probably test this one out again! (I'll just remember to slather the scrub on while I'm still in the shower) I found that it actually made my skin quit soft. I'm not sure if this was the scrub, or the actual mask, so I'll have to do some more research! But I will keep you posted. So if you're as curious as I was (and actually try this), make sure you don't use this if you're heading out to an important function, or plan on going out in public immediately after using it!

Have a wonderful day, and stay beautiful!


Natasha said...'re posts are ever so amusing!!...
So whenever I put on a face mask I use a 1" paint brush, and then it all goes on evenly and I don't get my hands all messy

Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

Thanks Tash! I would have used a paint brush, but the closest thing I have to that out here is a mascara brush, and I'm not so sure it would give me the desired effect! lol