Saturday, January 30, 2010

Beauty tips!

Well ladies (and possibly gents), I've been kind of in a bit of a beauty rut lately. I just haven't felt like being creative and trying new things! I think I should maybe try going to bed at night, so that I don't feel like somebody stuck me in a gunny sack and beat me with a stick every day!

Now I know we all have our little tricks of the trade, and I was thinking it would be kinda cool to see what you guys use in your beauty routines! Make sure you leave a comment so we can all see and perhaps come up with some neat little beauty musts!

I have to say, my Tomato & Honey mask is still my favorite for its pore tightening abilities!

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Natasha said...

I like to use Betadine (the same iodine solution they use at the hospital to clean ouchies) to wash my back and chest to keep away breakouts.
If an icky zit desides to sprout I put a dab of a drying facemask or toothpaste on overnight.
I believe in starting to use anti-aging products at a young age.
I like to mix a little light shimmer to my undereye concealer to camoflauge any dark circles.
I like to use dollar store paint brushes (with sturdy bristles)for lots of things...a 1" brush is perfect for painting on face masks and applying coverup...a smaller one is perfect for concealer. An angled brush is perfect for lining eyes with powder and filling brows.
I'm sure there's more but I can't think of them at the moment.