Saturday, January 23, 2010

Feed Your Soul!

I'm challenging/encouraging each and every one of you this week to make a donation to an organization to help the Haitian people! It doesn't have to be thousands, or hundreds of dollars. It can be as much as $5.00, but if everyone in the world donated something, just imagine the ground we could cover in helping rebuild this impoverished country!

Last night I watched the Canada for Haiti benefit concert, as well as the American benefit. My heart just went out to all of those people of Haiti who have lost loved ones, and that have no place to go. I'm proud to say that Canadians raised 9.4 million dollars which will be matched by the government to help send aid down there! Way to go!

Some places you can go to donate are:

There area ton more but those are the main ones!

I'm not only proud of us Canadians, but I'm proud of everyone globally for coming together, united as one, to help with the devastation in Haiti. The generosity that has been demonstrated over the last week is unbelievable! Its such a blessing to know that there is so much good in the world still!

Remember. A difference in this world starts with you!

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