Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So I thought this week would be a wonderful week to find some things in your own refrigerator that would make a great alternative to pricey products, with the added benefit that they're natural, and most likely chemical free! The other plus side to it is that you'll save a pile of money that you can spend on other things (shoes and accessories)

Today's topic: Rejuvenated Eyes!

We've all tried the cucumber's and the silly little masks that you put in the freezer, but I just recently heard about tea bags! I know, I'm probably behind the times, so I just had to try it!

All you need to do is boil some water and steep 2 black tea bags (early grey). Once you've steeped the tea bags, rinse the tea bags off with cold water (so you don't burn your eyes), place the tea bags on your eyes for 10 minutes, and Voila! You feel refreshed and ready to go!

I used chai tea, because its all I had and it seemed to work just fine!

I personally wouldn't recommend this as at night, because I don't want to be "bright eyed and bushy tailed" (haha yes... I just said that) as I'm trying to fall asleep. But it would be a great thing to do in the morning to start your day right, and surprise surprise you have a wonderful cup of tea waiting for you after your done!

The reason this works so well is because black tea contains tenons and caffeine, and as I discussed in a previous blog, caffeine is a vascular restrictor, so it helps just tighten things up and make you look like a greater version of your fabulous self!

So kick back, and take 10 mins for yourself!

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