Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tomato & Honey Mask

I tested this mask out last night before I went to bed, and loved it so much, its back on my face first thing this morning!

Now you're probably thinking that smearing tomatoes on your face sounds rather unappealing, but I'm here to tell you that tomatoes are good for things other than your backyard BBQ!!

Tomatoes are loaded with vitamins and minerals (especially Vitamin C&A) Not only is it going to save you doing the infamous shake and swallow of traditional horse pills (to get your dose daily vitamins) but its going to make you on average be healthier! Anyways, enough lecturing this morning! Tomatoes have this fabulous cooling element which smooth skin, while at the same time zapping those pesky black heads (because it is a natural astringent)!! The Vitamin C&A help to brighten that dull skin, and help restore that youthful skin we are all in search of!

Now I briefly mentioned honey yesterday, but I think I should actually go into what it does for you! Honey contains gluconic acid (Don't worry! This acid is perfectly safe). Gluconic acid helps to loosen bonds between dead skin cells, which in turn is going to make it easier to sluff off dead skin cells. YAY!! Honey also helps keep moisture in your skin which can help restore and increase elasticity and stimulate collagen production (say buh bye to those fine lines) So if you're ever in the mood to create a new face mask, don't forget to add a little sweetness!

I absolutely love this mask! The feeling is fresh and has a tingly quality to it. When I washed it off, I noticed the my pores appeared tighter, and I've been testing every product from here to kingdom come (commercial products).... which kinda makes me mad, because I've had a tomato in my refrigerator for years!! It goes on virtually clear, which means you can stand in your living room window drinking your morning coffee and not scare small children passing by!

The recipe I used was:

1/4 Cup tomato (I cut the inside of it out and mushed it up)
3/4 tsp. honey

Mix, Apply, Leave on for 30 minutes to an hour. (Break to do what you need to do) Wash it off with lukewarm water and then finish off with a splash of cold to tighten those pores a little more. Now go face the day with that wonderful glow that all the other women out there will be envious of! (too bad they didn't know their little beauty fix was in bottom of the fridge!)


ernie said...

hii corrine !!! thnx for this amazing tip...i tried it on myself for abt a week n find myself in a skin i hv never before been into.....easy to prepare and givs amazing results.....cheers !!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this awesome beauty recipe :) was really effective!