Friday, March 19, 2010

Who makes the cut?

Yesterday after I made my post I decided that I needed a haircut! I've been kind of sick of my hair lately! I can't wait until it gets longer, but its in that in between kinda stage where it just looks like crap. I've been tempted to cut it, but I know if I do I'll be unhappy! I compromised and decided that I would just give myself some bangs to change up my look. It seems like all the fashion bloggers on here have bangs, and I love their look! My most favorite is this girl Lily. You can check out her blog, BLEED FOR FASHION. Not only does she have the cutest hair, but she has some awesome style as well!

I should have taken a picture of actually cutting the hair, but I wasn't that brilliant! I'm incredibly happy with the way it turned out. It may not be super even, but it works for me! I feel like a brand new person!

I'm thinking about doing a give-a-way in the next little bit just so I can encourage more readers to stop by! (Plus, who doesn't love free stuff??) Stay posted for details!

As for the technical difficulties with my comments section yesterday, I think I finally figured it out! So comment away! I'm loving my new layout! I think I finally found something that worked for me and wasn't all over the page like my previous attempts at making something try and fit together!

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mariam said...

aw your hair looks really cute like that, the bangs definitely suit you
thanks for the comment!