Friday, March 5, 2010


So braids have been the trendy little hair thing for a little while now, and I've tried them a few times myself but was never really satisfied with how things turned out! Probably because when I try braiding my hair it looks like someone put flippers on my hands and told me to go at it!

Today, I actually managed to make a braid, and it looked kinda cute! I got sick of my hair down so I made kind of a messy looking ponytail and I was super pleased how it turned out! I guess the whole practice makes perfect is true! This is defintely a style I'm going to try again because it felt feminine and kinda flirty! (not that I need to feel flirty sitting out in the middle of nowhere) It was just a feel good hairstyle! If any of you attempt this I'd love for you to send pictures so I can see how you did it!

Oh, and for my SIL... Why couldn't you do a head accessory with hair for one of your challenges this week? For all of reading or stopping by, make sure you check out her blog this week as she's doing a head accessory challenge and has a bunch of wonderful DIY posts (well one so far, but rumor has it another one is on the way)! Required2BeInspired!

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Natasha said...

Well this week I tried to do a cute braid like yours and use cute bobby pons for my accessory...but my hair isn't long enough to get the braid to where I want it!
You look beautiful!! The braid turned out great.