Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tis the season for Mud!

Now my face for some reason has been deciding to break out lately! Might be the weird combinations of things I've been putting on my face... who knows. So I figured I'd go with one of these pre-packaged mud masks that you see at the drugstore all the time! You can pick one up anywhere from $1.00-$2.00. I think its pretty reasonable! The great thing is these little things actually do a good job! Maybe its just the fact that it feels so great to feel like your taking care of yourself!

I put this on, using a brush finally! Normally I can't find one, and the worst part is, I used a blush brush! Talk about awkward! (Somehow I managed to get it all in my hair too!) I figure when you don't have much to choose from, anything will work! On the plus side, it inspired me to wash all my makeup brushes! (What a difference that made! They feel like brand new again! I should probably try doing it more often!!)

Wow... some days I think I suffer from some kind of attention deficit disorder because I can be all over the page! Anyways... After I put (brushed) this mask on I wandered around until it dried! (except for that thick spot I slopped on my forehead, it decided to stay wet and ugly looking, that I magically cropped out!) I Washed it off, and then as per usual stuck my grubby little fingers all over my face, because it felt oh so smooth! I really need to have someone tie my hands up after I've done a mask! Or maybe I just need to learn the art of self control!

I figured that today was a good day for a mud mask seeing as how its snowing outside, and as soon as it stops and the sun comes out its going to be disgustingly muddy out here! I hate this time of year! Why can't it just be summer already?!? I think today is a good day to curl up with a nice cup of tea and read a magazine or something!


Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

Hey Everyone! I was having some issues with my comments! But hopefully I have this little problem fixed~!

Anonymous said...

I love this stuff!

Joosje said...

I love that mask! Thanks for your comment!