Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Honey and Milk Face Mask!

Well I finally got my camera back so I suppose I have no excuse not to be blogging now!

Today I was feeling like my skin could use a little pick me up so I went back to my trusted friend HONEY! Now I think I've mentioned the benefits of honey in an earlier post, but I can't remember, so I'll do it again! (I also added milk to the honey, as I'm sure you've already figured out by the title!)

Honey: Is full of antioxidants (which we all hear are good for us). Honey can be used to moisturize skin, it can help heal blemishes and even out skin tone. The more you use it the better result your going to get.

Milk: Natural ingredients in milk can help exfoliate your skin (I have no idea how this works... but apparently it does). It is also known to sooth skin and leave it nice and soft! Milk can be used as an astringent, but if you do use it, make sure that you rinse it all off after to prevent bacteria growth on your skin!

Now mix the honey and milk together till it becomes about the consistency of syrup. Obviously your going to use more honey than milk or your going to have a sticky mess on your hands! Apply to a clean face (clean because you want your skin to receive the maximum benefits from this without dirt and oil getting in the way) Leave on for about 15 mins to half an hour. Rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry.

Sometimes I feel doing these wonderful things to my face is detrimental because I always want to touch and feel how good my skin feels. Its a bad habit that I'm trying to break and I'm feeling like I'm going nowhere... yes.. I just touched my face... lol


Natasha said...

Glad you have your camera back!! Love that this one is so easy...maybe I'll have to try it tonight..since I actually have both ingredients

Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

Excellent! I always love it when I find a good one! I'll be trying the one you suggested me tonight!