Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lotion Bars

I recently decided that I'd try making some lotion bars!  My feet and elbows get extremely dry in the winter and regular lotion just doesn't cut it sometimes.  I figured if I made something a little more concentrated that it would help!  These lotion bars are perfect!  They start to melt as soon as the bar hits your skin, giving your skin a huge drink of moisturizing goodness!  For these bars I used  Cocoa Butter and Avocado butter.  I added some Orange Essential Oil to the one batch and it smelt like one of those chocolate oranges you get at Christmas.  The other batch I added some Vanilla Hazelnut, and it smelt like a yummy cup of Hot chocolate with some vanilla hazelnut (obviously) in it. 

I use this before I go to bed (when I remember) and in the morning before I put socks on!  The socks help lock the moisture into your skin, and in return they help keep your floors from becoming a slippery sliding skating rink.  And really, I don't know anybody that would like a bunch of little greasy footprint all over their carpet either. 

The only complaint I have right now is that your hands get all greasy when applying this product.  Its fine if you have very dry hands, but I personally don't like that feeling.  I'm currently waiting for some "lotion tubes", which are basically like a lip chap tube, just a little bigger, to put these in  It will help you get the lotion directly onto the area that needs it rather than all over the place!  I'm guessing that I should have the "Lotion Bars"  in my Etsy shop by the New Year!

I didn't get any fantastic pictures, but hopefully you get the idea from what I do have up!  Gives you a bit of a clue as to what I'm talking about.  Hope you're having a lovely weekend!


Natasha said...

These sound great...check out my sidebar!

nicoletta said...

I love solid lotion bars, they sound gorgeous xx