Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Blues and Purples

I was trying to figure out how to switch things up with my makeup this morning and thought about my two favorite looks.  I really loved the purple eyeshadow I had the other day, and I really liked the blue eyeshadow I had around the same time.  I thought blue and purple could go together brilliantly!  Well all I can say is it was bright!  I'm not sure that this is exactly something I plan on doing again, but it was okay! 

As for an update on the cold... still lingering, but I'm thinking by tomorrow it should be history!! YAY!!  And I just realized that I have exactly ONE week left until I go on days off for Christmas!! YEAH!!  I'm super excited to go see my whole family! 

What are all your plans for the holiday season?  Any cool traditions that your families all do?  Our family has tons!  Christmas Eve we do a fondue and open one Christmas gift (usually PJ's).  Christmas day we are only allowed to open our stockings until everyone is awake!  I'm usually the first one up by the way!   Then we open gifts and eat crepes for breakfast!  Yum! We do a bunch of other little things, but I'm not going to bore you with the details!  All I know is.... I can't hardly wait!

MAC in Purple Haze and Mac in Freshwater


Natasha said...

They look like magazine ad eyes!

nicoletta said...

Wow this looks lovely on you too. I can't wait for xmas too it will be here before we know it now xx