Friday, May 7, 2010


Hey again!  Twice in one week!  I feel like I'm hitting some kind or record lately!  Today's post is on some of the lotions I've been making!  I think I've finally found what I'm passionate about! (it only took me about a million years!)  Now I've just been doing it as a hobby, but my wonderful mother has been my only customer! (but that's what parents are for)  She's buying product and giving it away as gifts in hopes that its going to drum up some business! 
So basically my lotions are simple compared to what you'd find in the store, but I also think they're better because they don't have all the other crap in them!

The 4 lotions that will be shown below are made up of: Water, Sweet Almond Oil, Citric Acid, Emulsifying Wax, Steric Acid, Hydrovance, and some fragrance, and a couple drops of color!

I picked fragrances that would get everyone in the mood for spring and summer!  Obviously we couldn't decide which ones were our favorites because we all have different opinions, but I need to think of some sort of give away so that some of you get a chance to sample them!

I started out by measuring (weighing) all of my ingredients and pouring them into a container!  (I really need to go buy some glass beakers, because I don't think hot oil is real great in plastic, but then again that's just my opinion)  Once all of the ingredients (except fragrance and color) are added I microwaved them until they were all melted and the water turned a milky color.  After I removed my container from the microwave I used a stick blender to blend my mixture into a milk like state.  Next I separated 4 portions (4 oz each) added a different color and fragrance to every bowl and then individually blended them together and poured into 2 oz containers.  Now things seem to thicken rather quickly when they are cooling, so its important that I work fast (I don't do anything fast, so this can be a real challenge for me!  Next I placed the containers on a wire rack so that they could cool underneath easier.
Left to Right: Springtime Pear, Bitter Orange Orchid, Apricot Freesia, and Fresh Fruit Salsa with Lime

I'm super excited how they all turned out!  I've made some other scents but that will be for a later post!  I bought a label maker and designed my own labels but I don't have a picture of them, I supposed I'll have to get on that!  As for my family who reads this... I guess you all figured out what you're getting for Christmas this year! haha

I found out today that my regular drilling rig is going to be starting up in the next couple weeks, so that means I"ll be back to daily posts!! YAY!


Laura Beth said...

Omg, this is amazing. I'm so excited to hear you're doing this! The colors of the lotions are so intriguing too! I really would love to try your stuff. Keep me posted :)


xox Laura Beth

nicoletta said...

They all sound lovely especially the springtime pear. I'm a new follower glad to have found you xx