Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So I know I've been pretty terrible at doing a regular posting lately, but I'm still lacking some motivation right now!  I think its more hard to get motivated when you're not around you're own stuff, and you're working with a limited amount of supplies.  Yes, I realize this sounds like and excuse, and it probably is... but ya!  I'm going back to work tomorrow (FINALLY) now that the weather has decided to cooperate!  So hopefully I'll find more motivation to do stuff!

I just wanted to say Congrats to Laura Beth who won the Giveaway!  The prize that she ended up winning was:
4 oz Bitter Orange Orchid Body Butter
4 oz Coconut Lime Body Butter
4 oz Fresh Fruit Salsa with Lime Body butter

Make sure you check out her blog because she is a super talented makeup artist, and I'm always getting a bunch of inspiration from her! 

Anyways, I should have Internet up and running in the next couple days, so things should get a little more back to normal!

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Laura Beth said...

Yeahhhh!! I can't wait to try out your stuff.

my email is: lalalashes@gmail.com

xox Laura Beth