Monday, May 31, 2010


So I woke up this morning wondering why my body scrub didn't do magic tricks.  The reason was, I hadn't been the puppeteer and orchestrated anything cool with it!  So, I dug out all of my containers of fun things and got to work mixing!  I made the scrub out of some of my favorite Oils (listed below with some info about each of them) and then I added some other random things in hopes that I had a winner!

APRICOT KERNEL OIL: Works miracles in nourishing the skin, plus its also a good product for sensitive skin!
SWEET ALMOND OIL (aka, my first love): Its a great emollient and adds a soft glow to dehydrated skin.

GOLDEN JOJOBA: Aids in the clearing of acne, and its also good for sensitive skin.

CAMELINA OIL (aka, wild flax): Contains up to 45% Omega 3 fatty acid!  It helps reduce scarring from acne.
HYDROVANCE:  The new alternative to glycerin without the sticky greasy feel.  In recent studies, this product win hands down for its skin softening abilities!

CITRIC ACID:  Helps reduce the look of aging and promotes new skin growth.

SODIUM LAURYL SULFOACETATE: Derived from coconut and palm oils, it creates a rich lather that removes surface oil, dirt and bacteria on the skin.

BROWN SUGAR: Antibacterial (Fun fact #1: It was used in the war to treat wounds and infection... Who knew?!?) Its also less harsh than salts or white sugar and it is used more so for its aromatic properties.

DEAD SEA SALTS: Stimulates the skin, muscles and nerves, cleanses the pores, and improves the texture of dull bumpy skin (CHA-CHING!)

FRAGRANCE: I always come back to Coconut and Lime.  Its that summery scent with a little zip to make it exciting.  I go out of the shower a couple of hours ago, and I have to say... my skin still smells yummy!

Now I mixed all of these ingredients together in a bowl (I forgot to take pictures) and then added some baking soda at the end (citric acid and baking soda is what makes your bath bombs fizz)  I was reading that you shouldn't put this in a container because the reaction the aforementioned ingredients makes will expand and explode your container.  I opted to put it in some plastic bags I had in my tickle trunk of randomness.  I could see it foaming as I poured the mixture into the bag.  The mixture about doubled in size and filled the bag almost up to the top.

Now for the fun part!  I got in the shower and did the whole shampoo thing, rinse, put conditioner in my hair, and then turned off the shower (I'm on a limited supply of water here, so I have to conserve). I grabbed a handful out of the bag and rubbed it on my legs (and everywhere else) and it made a wonderful lather as well as did its magic scrubby thing that I love!  I know its bad, but I'm a sucker for using a scrub on my face, it just gives me that glow that makes me feel good!  Next, I turn the shower back on (I always make it hotter than it should be), and then the power goes out!  I forgot that when I put the washer and dryer on at the same time (plus shower) it overloads and blows the breaker!  So here I am, all lathered up and scrambling (in the dark) to try and get all the scrub off my body, and the conditioner out of my hair before I run out of water.   Mission completed!  I followed up with some coconut Lime body lotion I made a couple weeks ago, and my skin feels great!

The texture of the scrub was a little different.  It kind of reminded me of a cross between running your hands in wet sand and silly putty... haha yes, I know... THIS GIRL IS CRAZY!! But that's what it felt like to me!  It was nice and fluffy, but not your average scrub texture.  The best part about it was I didn't feel greasy after I got out of the shower.  Normal body scrubs tend to leave me all oily, and I hate that!  This one just made my skin feel nice and supple and extra soft!  I think with a little bit of re-formulating I could have a winner of a product on my hands!

Anyways, if you made it all the way through this I applaud you, you should be given a prize.  I'm kind of in the mood for a give-a-way, but it would be nice to have some more readers out there (or ones that leave comments:  You know who you are!!)  So if you haven't already, sign up and be a follower!  I'm pretty excited to have 11 of you.. well 10, because technically I follow myself! lol.  Anyways, enough babbling!  I hope you all have a wonderful day! 


Natasha said...

this sounds like a fabulous mixture!!

Laura Beth said...

You're so creative! This sounds perfect for summer, the scent and a nice exfolitaion before a spray tan :)


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