Saturday, May 29, 2010


So as most of you know, I got this idea in my head that I needed to have straighter teeth.  Not that they are that bad, but my bff Candice has these gorgeous teeth, and I've always loved them!  So needless to say I decided to get braces.  I figured at my age the whole train track thing wasn't oh so attractive, so I opted for the Invisalign treatment.  I'm going on my 5th week with them and so far I'm finding them not so bad.  Obviously all of you out there who have had braces you know how much it sucks when they tightened them... It still sucks.  Now the plus thing is, I find everything gets stuck in my retainer if I eat with them in (which I'm not supposed to do) so not only am I getting better teeth, I have a perfect weight loss plan, because I'm sick of brushing my teeth every 10 mins!

 I figured I'd do a before post, and then when they're done (in 6 months) I can do an after post so you can see if there is a change!

So this is the before!!

This is with the retainer...

Now in 6 months (If I manage to make it to all of my appointments) I should be done!  YAY!!

I actually wrote this post and then decided it was kind of gross!  I mean, who really wants to look at my teeth?  But I figured maybe someone out there that reads this hadn't thought of this option, so I guess maybe it could inspire someone else to do something they might have never thought of doing!  Plus... I really don't know what else to do for a post today because I'm drawing a blank...

Have a fantastic day!

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Laura Beth said...

Your teeth look great already, you're a nut! lol