Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well now that I'm back to work I have all kinds of time to do fun stuff... like paint my nails.  Last night I thought I'd wash the remainder of ancient nail polish off my fingernails (well it wasn't that old, but it was looking kind of sketchy) 

The other day I went to visit my Aunt & Uncle & Cousins in the thriving metropolis of Chetwynd, BC (yes... that would be sarcasm...).  The first thing my cousin Brooke wanted to do was paint my nails.  She did black tips and put some flower stickers on them.  I have to say for an 11 year old, she's got some serious talent!  She also gave me some Enamel Art pens to take with me, so I couldn't wait to try them out!  I have to say, they're pretty fantastic too! 

I forgot the base coat.. because I always do.  Then I added Finger Paints in "Up & Coming Artist", then used my green nail art pen to draw little polka dot lines, and then finally finished it off with a pearl color flower, also from the nail art pen collection.  And then I applied a top coat... because obviously your nail polish has better lasting power when you don't skip this step (which I normally do)

A few months ago I wouldn't have even bothered painting my nails because honestly, I didn't really care.  Now that I've been blogging and actually trying to get ready on a daily basis I find that my nails are getting more attention than ever!  I can't wait to try some more designs later!  But for right now, I'm happy with the way they look.  Oh, and a boy even commented on them!  So you have to know your doing something right if a dirty oil rig boy compliments you on your fingernails! hahah!

Obviously my cuticles need some work, but that's saved for another day!! (and yes... I know some flowers are smudged if we're getting picky... ) I'm going to chalk that up to my not being able to sit still as soon as I apply a fresh coat of paint!

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Natasha said...

I love how they turned out..
I'm kinda wishing you had posted a pic of the nails Broooke painted though...