Friday, July 2, 2010


So I've been packing around these makeup cards for quite some time now! (Probably 5 years)  I figured it was time to get them used up.  Now I wasn't sure how I was going to like it, but the end result was pretty good.

As you can see by the Picture they are Mary Kay Signature Makeup.  They pre-pick all the colors for you and apparently they are supposed to all work together to make you extra pretty!! The one thing I did notice is that as soon as I put the lipstick on, my eyes instantly popped!  YAY!

I think this is the kind of makeup you'd use for a first date or something.  Its pretty, but it has that sophisticated feel to it.  I know I feel pretty!  The odd thing is... I'm hardly wearing any mascara (and we all know what a mascara junkie I am).  I used this card yesterday to do my makeup (applying my normal amount of mascara) and I felt like the mascara took away from the look.  I think today I put just the right amount on! 

The colors they give you are:
SPUN SILK- Eye color Highlighter for application under the brow bone
CINNABAR- Eye color Accent for application of the eyelid and lower lashes

They say this pallet is recommended for Ivory and Beige skin tones.  I have no idea what my skin tone is.. haha!  I guess I should just quit buying random things and mixing them together!  But if I were to take an educated guess I would guess that I'm probably somewhere along the beige tones!

Anyways... Below are a few pictures of how things turned out!  Not too shabby, and then I decided to throw my glasses on for a picture, because sometimes I just like the look of them!  I think they make me look smarter than I really am!!
Oh... I also did a Mary Kay Lip Mask and used their lip balm to follow up with it, and thats why my lips look super soft and shiny!  love it!


Natasha said...

Should I be expecting you to start selling Mary Kay in the near future?? haha
You look lovely!!

Sara.H said...

this is a lovely look :) God you look so pretty in the glasses too :)

Laura Beth said...

natural tones flatter your eye color. I love treating my lips, I've been using Laura Gellars lip scrub. :)