Sunday, June 27, 2010


So I was noticing my hair was looking a little dull the other day and got kind of depressed!  I opened up another makeup bag that I had, and much to my surprise I found some V05 Hot oil in there!  I love this stuff, its like an instant pick me up for dull hair!  I heated some water, threw in the tube, jumped in the shower, wetted my hair, and then applied the product.  You leave it on for a min, rinse out and then follow with your shampoo and conditioner.  I could tell in the shower that my hair was going to feel amazing.  You know how when your hair feels so clean it squeaks!?!?  (I love that feeling by the way)  Well this is what happens when you use this stuff!  The great thing about it is its inexpensive.  I didn't take a before picture of my hair.  But I took a couple after shots! 

 I'm thinking of adding some more blonde to my hair for summer... any thoughts on this?!?  Oh, and just for the record, I do change my clothes!! I just happened to take pictures of this yesterday, as well as pictures for yesterdays post at the same time, with the same shirt on (obviously)!
I also straightened my hair for these pictures.  I know they [magazines, and all the other beauty people out there] are going on and on about how this [straightening] is so out and its all about the beachy waves this summer, but honestly, I look half retarded with beachy waves in my short hair!  I think once it gets a little longer it would look much cuter!  Anyways, I'm all about the straight hair right now.  I finally figured out how to manipulate my straightener so that it actually makes my hair straight and not like some sort of kinky frizz ball (not that my hair goes frizzy).  Chalk that up the the ultra fine, thin, straight hair.  I wasn't blessed in the gene pool that way.  My sister-in-law on the other hand... I wish I could cut off her hair and just stick it on my head, because its amazing!  Actually that girl got blessed in the whole gene pool!  She's smart, pretty, funny, pretty much what every other girl wishes she was!!  While I'm speaking about her, you should go check out her blog!  Its pretty amazing! Required2beinspired .  Don't forget to follow here!  I think she deserves way more followers than she has... maybe I'm biased because I actually know what a great person she is, but I'm sure you'll all figure that out yourselves soon enough!


Natasha said...

hehe...awww you're sooo sweet!!
Your hair looks amazingly shiny...when you use that stuff does it leave your hair feeling oily at all?? I find whenever I use a hair gloss (like the ones that are supposed to deliver shine) my hair is super shiny...but the roots look and feel soooo oily that I have to compensate by using a ton of dry shampoo.
I think you would look good with waves at this lenth...but it looks great straight as well

Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

It doesn't feel oily at all! It just feels super soft! Even today it still feels amazing! I think this would work well in your hair! No dry shampoo needed!

Laura Beth said...

Oh man, I just sold this product at my yardsale for 50 cents because I've had it sitting in my bathroom for too long. Guess I should have used it. Your hair looks so silky!