Friday, June 25, 2010


I've been kinda bummed that I'm at work and won't be getting any sun for the next couple weeks, so I took matters into my own hands!  Instant tan in a bottle!  Its probably better for my skin too?!?!  Maybe not, who knows...

I've been a fan of ROC MINESOL Self-Tanning Lotion for quite awhile now (ever since I got some for free at work).  Its the easiest to apply (except for on your back, which I normally skip, seeing as how I'm wearing clothes anyways) of all the products out there.  I mean, we all put lotion on so how hard can it be?  All you do is rub, wash your hands (this is a must) and Voila... you're  bronzed goddess!  It takes a couple of hours before your skin is that bronze color, so don't panic if it isn't instant.  I've noticed that my skin feels really soft after I put this on.  It doesn't have the greatest smell to it, but its not so offensive that nobody wants to stand near you at the water cooler.  I rub it in really well so that I don't look like a zebra, because as much as I love animal prints, I don't want my skin looking like that.  Especially because I'm always trying to pass this off as au natural!

Next product I love is Rimmel London's -Sun Shimmer Instant Tan.  This is a lotion as well, I have the sexy legs one (another free one I got at work).  You rub it on and your instantly tanned!  The best thing about this product is it washes off in the shower that evening or the next morning!  The only downside is that it isn't permanent, so that means if you run through wet grass (which obviously I have done, or I wouldn't be mentioning it) or get all sweaty you are going to be streaky... just remember to rub it in well if it gets a little wet, and you should be good!  I use this on my legs in the summer, because they never seem to match the same color as my arms, so it just evens everything out!  I rubbed some on the back of my hand and then took a picture so you could compare the difference!  Its not orange, its just the perfect color!

What are your thoughts on self tanners?  Do you guys have a favorite, and if so, what is it and why? 

On another note...I've spray tanned a few times and always find I come out looking like Chester from the Cheetos bag, so I quit doing that!!  Plus its retardedly expensive!  I'm just excited to get out there and get some real sun, because that's whats summer is all about. 

Random Question Of The Day... What is the one thing that reminds you of summer, or makes you feel like summer if finally here?!?  My answer to this question: Pink Lemonade!


Natasha said...

I love Jergens Natural Glow products because they're alot more subtle, so I never have to worry about streaks...
I'm weird when it comes to self tanners tho..I use 3 different specifically for my face so it won't clog my pores...a spray one for my chest and back so I can reach all the spots and not clog my pores as well..and then a regular lotion one for the rest of my body.
Any time I've accidentally put the regular stuff on my face or chest/back I'm broken out I recommend using either one specially for you face for all those areas...or else a aerosol spray one

Umm I know summer is here when Brody breaks out the Gas Powered Blender...
Or BBQing...or Camping...all the things I'm missing out on this summer (Minus bbqing..the only way I eat anything other than cheese cips or grilled cheese is if I BBQ my food)


I have olive skin, so I get a tan with a blink of an eye. There comes a time that I must cover up for fear that I will no longer look like myself. It's getting close.
Flip Flops remind me of summer, I have a hard time getting back into fall shoes. I'm the gal with a turtle neck and flip flops. :)

Laura Beth said...

I heard ROC self tanner is great, but I love Sevin Nyne from Lindsay Lohan.

What makes me think of summer: flip flops! :)