Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So I'm starting to get a little frustrated today because I ordered clothes and makeup two weeks ago so that I could pick it up when I got to my parents house, and it still hasn't arrived!  I've been refraining from buying anything good because I've been waiting to get this stuff first, but tomorrow I'm heading down to the States, and I think that I might just go a little crazy.... well, I'm going to try and refrain, but I'm sure I'm going to find a couple great things that I just HAVE to have!

I know my post today isn't great, but its hard because I'm using my parents computer and I don't want to upload or download pictures on here because I always get blamed for screwing it up, and I figure seeing as how they have all their business stuff on it it would be a good idea to refrain for a couple days! 

Anyways, I'm hoping my stuff comes in the mail tomorrow and that I'm just home early enough that I get to pick it up, otherwise I have to wait another month before I get it... boo to that!  Oh, and for something random.... BEN & JERRY'S We are Waffling ice cream is delish!

Just a funny picture I found of my grandma making horseradish with my mom.  It proves that you can still be 72 and an utter riot! (and everyone loves a picture)  Haha sorry Grandma! I thought this was priceless!

Oh, and Natasha, when you read this I'm bringing the dog over around 9:30 when I head to the dentist tomorrow!!


Laura Beth said...

I hate that, sometimes shipping takes forever!

mel said...

argh i agree shippiong is so annoying, especially on ebay! hehe try restraining the shopping:)