Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hey Everyone!

Sorry I haven't been around, we've had some issues with the internet out here lately! Today's topic is Makeup application! I figured I'd do half of my face, and then show you how I achieved it on the other side, and to so you the difference between a well made up face, and a makeup-free face!

First you need to start out with a good foundation. I use a combination of liquid and powder foundation. I mix the both together to create the right color for my face (I have mostly summer makeup out here, and I'm whiter than white) I think CoverGirl has the greatest foundation for going on smoothly, and I use an organic makeup I paid an arm and a leg for in Las Vegas this fall. Its Piurre Effect. I mixed 130 Beige (CG) and #4 Creme Caramel (PE).

Next I added my blush. I use Piurre Effect (more Vegas Makeup) I don't brush it right on the apples of my cheeks, I usually brush it up higher, I find it gives my face a longer leaner look. I use #4 in Terra Cotta. I love this makeup because it goes on flawlessly. I might have been a little pricey, but it was well worth it! Now the key to a good blush (or bronzer) application is a good makeup brush! I got mine in Vegas (surprise, surprise). It is Bobby Brown, the "queen", of makeup! Now I paid about $60 US for this brush, and it was worth every penny! I can't wait to go back and get some different brushes!

I always brush some color into my eyebrows just to make them more even and not look like two charlie brown christmas trees (well just the limbs) on my forehead. I use an old mascara brush (cleaned off of course) and Rimmel Color Rus Mono Eye Shadow #33 Dusk.

Next its the fantastic eyelashes. I happen to like the look of tarantula eyes! I don't know why, its like the more mascara I can get on the happier I am! I know my mom hates this, but she thinks that I should just go natural! The best way to get those look at me lashes is to use an eyelash curler! Now if you leave this lying around be prepared for your significant other (if you have one) or any other male species to look at this contraption from ever angle and try and figure out what it actually does I usually squeeze the curler shut a few times in different places on the eyelashes just so I get the perfect curl (and because one of my eye lashes curls better than the eyelashes on the other eye) Apply Mascara. Oh, and on a little rant... I used to use this mascara, and it was CoverGirl something... They don't make it anymore (drives me nuts when they do that), but It was the greatest ever! I use Maybelline Great Big Lash Mascara (it was on sale) for the first coat. I let it dry, add another coat, let dry, re-curl, then I add Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express (I actually really like this mascara) and I usually do a couple coats of that, and then off to CoverGirl lashblast. Then After all the coats dry (usually half an hour later) I re-curl.

Next Eyeshadow! It would be so much easier to do eyeshadow with makeup brushes, but silly me forgot them at home, so I have to rely on the innaccuracy of my sausage fingers.
I suppose that will teach me for procastinating when it comes to packing! I use a Shadow by Piurre Effect #310 It has no color name, but its the prettiest color ever. Its a rose and sparkly color, and it just makes my blue eyes pop!
Unfortunatly I'm using it as a base color for that extra little shimmer! On top of that I add Annabelle #25 Oak. Its a loose powder eyeshadow as well, and I've had it forever (tisk tisk I know) I brushed that over top, then lined my eyes with Black eyeliner. I'm using Bonnebell Eye Definer in Black Ink. I'm not 100% sold on this liner, but it works for the interm!

I guess last but not least is lips to tie everything together. I use foundation on my lips as a base, then apply Revlon ColorStay Mineral Lipglaze #525 in Continuous Pink, and then top it off with Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush in Bubble it Up for that extra sheen! Make sure you brush your teeth so you have your perly whites at their finest!

Now the one thing that pulls the whole thing together is a smile! Make sure you're having a good time doing whatever it is your doing, and people will be sure to notice you!

Now the best way to compare is do a before and after! I forgot to do one with no makeup on, so you'll have to use your imagination!

I can't get this silly thing to spellcheck, so I appologize ahead of time for any random words that appear through here!

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