Monday, February 8, 2010


So I'm super excited about some new clothes I bought on ebay!

Now I have this dress for a wedding that I'm going to in a couple weeks, and its black. (I can't remember how else it looks because its been so long since I've even looked at it) My mom has sent it up north so that I have something to wear (because I got lazy and never made the dress I was planning on making!). All I know its basically kinda summerish and I figure I'm going to need a little jacket or something to wear with it if it gets cold. I bought this little black/charcoal colored jacket. (I suppose I'll have to see what color it really is when I open the package) Now I think the jacket is going to kind of hit me at a funny spot so I'm hoping my rather large knockers will help pull this jacket up so it looks a little more on the cropped side of things (sorry Brody if you are reading this, by any chance).

I bought this grey dress mostly because I wanted the belt that went with it. I think a little cardigan would look cute over it with leggings underneath. With this dress(Tash, I know your going to hate the grey dress, because its got the tube top thingy going on) I figure I can wear it as a shirt and sew some straps on it or something, who knows, the possibilities are endless!

The black dress, I figured it was long enough to wear with leggings or jeans so I had to buy it (plus I wanted the belt) I'm having a belt obsession ATM and much to my amazement today I realized I bought this same silly black dress twice. I guess now I'm going to officially own two of them, on the plus side the belts are both different! lol. Apparently I really, really liked it (well not so much, but it was the belt thing again) I also realized it was kind of thin looking, so maybe I can just wear both of them at the same time... or not!

I'd love to know what you guys think of my finds! So make sure to leave me some comments with ideas of how to wear them!

Jacket: $10.52

Grey Dress w/ Belt: $14.79

Black Dress w/ Belt: $8.39 x2

Total cost was $54 something including shipping, so I think for 4 tops and 3 belts, you can call me a bargain shopper extraordinaire, or at least I think I am!!


Natasha said...

I really like the jacket..the only thing is if you are hoping your "knockers" will bring it up a bit then that means the seam that's supposed to sit under the bust will no longer sit there..and that is the biggest sin ever!

Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

Haha... no, I want the seam to sit just under the bust! I'm not that bad! lol