Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lip Balms

I've been creating again!  I love lip balm, I just find that most of the ones I buy at the store don't really do anything for my lips.  I have to apply, and re-apply constantly so that my lips stay soft.  I figured if I made my own, I could play around with ingredients and come up with a lip balm that is long lasting and super hydrating.  I think I found the ticket!  I had made some for my family at Christmas and my mom has ordered some more for herself, and some to give away to her friends.  Thank goodness for family that supports you!  I love how great she is with trying to promote me!  I might just have to hire her when things pick up!.... tangent... anyways, my fabulous sister in law made a comment about how when you're used to having a lip balm that tingles it makes it hard to use something else that's just plain.  Well Tash, you're in luck.  I created a new one, just for you, with Spearmint Essential oil.  It gives that subtle tingle!  I currently have 3 lip balms that I'm selling.  Stay posted, as they will appear in my Etsy Shop shortly.  The new flavors are....

SPEARMINT & CITRUS: It's a fresh scent.  Not over powering with a hint of citrus.  I used some lime essential oil in here, as it is a natural disinfectant, and acts as a preservative... just natural!  That means no chemicals! 

VANILLA BEAN & CITRUS:  mmmm!  All I know is I'm tempted to lick this one!  It smells just like dessert!  This is a must have for any lip balm junkie! Again, this one has the lime, so it is chemical free!  YAY!

POMEGRANATE LIME:  This is my favorite of the 3 by far!  I just love the sweet smell!  The smell reminds me of sweet tart candies!  Yum!  And once again, LIME! 

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Natasha said...

These all sound amazing. I've been using the ones from Christmas alot lately!

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