Saturday, August 7, 2010

Getting to know my readers...

So I was thinking it would be fun to get to know all my readers a little bit better by asking some random questions.... so here we go.

1) What are you most proud of? 
2) If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?
3) If you could do anything out of character and remain completely anonymous, what would you do?
4) One food you could never get tired of?
5) What is your guilty pleasure?
6) What is one quirky habit you have?
7) What is the one thing you would like to accomplish in life?
8) What made you decide to start blogging?
9) One random fact you would like to share with everyone else?

Here are my answers:
1) Being able to pick myself up and become a better person after the loss of my son.
2) That I could wake up with perfect hair and makeup, That I win the lottery one day soon, and that I meet and marry the man of my dreams
3) I would replace all of the soap in soap dispensers with mustard to teach people a lesson in trust!
4) Guacamole (obviously I did my color scheme wrong... this should have been green!)
5) Watching thunder and lightning storms
6) I always make at least one funny face while taking pictures for my blog or of myself (the kissy face/fishlips is a popular pose)!
7) I would like to start a successful skincare line
8) My wonderful sister-in-law, because hers was so wonderful, I thought it would be fun to have something to do while I was at work to pass the time.  And all of your wonderful comments keep me motivated to do it.
9) I hate the taste and texture of  fuzzy peaches candies.  They make my skin crawl! Bah!

Well I know 9 is kind of a random number, but I decided that it was enough questions for now!  I'm really excited to hear all about you guys!  Anyways, I thought I would prove my funny face picture theory and entertain you with some of the candid shots!  Have a wonderful day!

Apparently I think fish lips make me look sexy and dangerous!

Figured I'd save the best for last!

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Laura Beth said...

1) Getting my degree after how hard I found school to be after the loss of my sister. (So I def see why you should be so proud of yourself!)

2) Health for all my family, for an engagement from my man in the near future, lol, and why not so cash flow!

3) Hmm, so hard, the other night I danced like no one was watching to cheer up a friend, so maybe for others to forgt my dance moves, haha!

4) Baked Ziti!

5) Watching Two and half men before bed, and sometimes sneaking a snack in my room.

6) When telling a story I always make voices for peoples voices that sound nothing like the person, more like a cartoon character.

7) Getting my PHD already!

8) My friend suggest it because I love makeup so much, and it really felt good to write.

9) I just ate some Craft macaroni and cheese and added salt and pepper, best mac ever!

I just added you to my blog roll on my page. Love your blog girl! Keep it going!